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Maybe you wish to know that we have worked with leadership training since 1994 and have had over two hundred different organizations as our clients. Previously we facilitated leadership training and leadership development for clients like yourself. The availability of such trainings is great and somethings it can be difficult to know which to choose for you leadership development.

We help you find the right leadership training!

On this site we have collected information about and links to suppliers of different forms of leadership training. This are all suppliers that we have personal experience from when it comes to leadership development or that we have heard good things about through our contacts in the field of personal growth.

Success requires leadership development

The success coach Anthony Robbins says that what is not growing, is slowly dying. So is also the case with your leadership development. If you do not pay attention to the growth of your leadership you will slowly and surely loose your ability to lead in a way that is clear, effective and trustbuilding.

Another important piece in growth is to find like minded people, in this case other leaders who also wish to grow and who are willing to step outside their everyday routines to find the seeds of such growth. The people you meet through a leadership training at this site can become an invaluable support for you in the future. In many cases participants continue to have contact with each other and function as support, advisors and network to each other.

We are just getting started with this site and can now offer you information on Situational Leadership and two of the key people behind this concept, Blanchard & Hersey. You can also read about NLP, its Core Principles and the background of NLP as well as the new International version of UGL - Understanding Group and Leadership. There is also a text on SDI - Strength Deployment Inventory and about its Motivational Value System perspective. Further about the seminar Radical Collaboration ™ and the way of communicating called Nonviolent Communication. Finally some information about Psychosynthesis, its The Egg model which includes the concept of subpersonalities. We have also added an article written by Markus Amanto on leadership the dog whispering way, one about personal development as well as one on leadership training. There is also information about FIRO-B ™. You also have the opportunity to subscribe to the Leadership Newsletter.

We look forward to helping you find your leadership training through these pages!

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