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Within NLP there are a number of core principles. These are used in NLP with purpose of creating an effective behaviour in the person who applies them. Here are some of these core principles.

Some core principles in NLP

The map is not the same as the reality.
Behind every behaviour is a positive intention.
We possess all the resources we need.
No failures exist – only response.

More of the core principles used within NLP

Having a choice is preferable to not having a choice at all.
The past does not equal the future, unless you live there.
The meaning of communication is the response you get.
Body and mind are parts of the same system.

Yet other principles of NLP

Each and every one is responsible for his or her own thought and for his or her own emotions which means also responsible for his och her results.
By modelling a succesful achievement we reach mastery.
If you are not getting the response you desire, make sure to do something – anything – different.
The quality of my life is equal to the quality of my emotions.

In conclusion

These core principles are also a part of the background to NLP. You have a chance to get acquinted with them for example at the training called NLP Practioner. This is a basic training that usually is done over repeated seminars spaced in time. For example five consecutive days at three different occassions. Practioner means what it says, i.e somebody practicing something. When we call someone a NLP practioner we mean somebody who is applying the core principles above, for example in their leadership development.

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