Here is a short description of Nonviolent Communication, NVC for short, and its background. You also will learn what it can do for you. We will finish off with some tips about where to find this leadership training.

What is Nonviolent Communication?

Also know as the giraff language or empathic communication, this language or way of communicating is about being open and about understanding, both regarding what you yourself really want and what others really want. It is an aid both for personal growth as well as for conflict management and it was originally created by Marshall Rosenberg.

Where does the name come from?

The name obviously means a communication that is not about violence or make your point heard first and foremost. The nick name the giraff language might be a good way of explaining what it is all about. Giraffs have really long necks as you know which gives them great overview, ability to have really good vision and ability to take a larger perspective on discussions and conflicts. The opposite is called wolf language, which is aggressive and filled with judgements and blame.

What can it do for you?

Through nonviolent communication you get help with talking, thinking, acting and listening in a way that gives inspiration for contact, cooperation and empathy. This is achieved through a sincere expression of your own thoughts and needs. Further by showing that you understand emotions and needs in the person you are talking to. This way the risk of misunderstandings arising is lessened, the same goes for the risk of resistance and tough conflicts.

Through this way of talking that is built upon mutuality it becomes possible to find lasting solutions in a joint effort.

This language contributes to developing:

  • your empathic ability,
  • clarity in conversations,
  • meetings with respect,
  • ability for conflict management,
  • ability to participate and create cooperation.

Quick facts about Nonviolent communication

The length of this training usually ranges from 1 day to 5 days. Longer trainings that last a full semester are also in presence. Suppliers of trainings in Nonviolent communication include The Centre of Non Violent Communication and Shared Space.

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