During the Radical Collaboration ™ you have the opportunity to practice and develop your ability to prevent conflicts. Through Radical Collaboration ™ you also get to practice solving problems and conflicts together with others.

Further this seminar gives you the chance to explore what creates and supports a long lasting climate of trust. You also get to reflect on the dynamics in interpersonal relationships and what happens in conflictsituations.

The seminar can also increase your insight on your own attitudes and behaviours in conflictsituations. Through Radical Collaboration ™ you also get to practice good conversations, problem solving, conflict management and negotiation.

More about the seminar and about conflicts

Conflicts that are unresolved and unspoken is what more than anything else affects organisations and leads to inefficiencies in our businesses and creates stress in our human interactions. An important belief in this seminar is that conflicts can be prevented through this program for development called Radical Collaboration ™. The program gives insight and knowledge on what creates conflicts and how these can be prevented.

It is all about the combination of being able to assert your own interests and at the same time manage to handle the relationship. The program is based on combination of so called hard and soft methods. Interestbased problemsolving forms the foundation of the hard part and Will Schutz FIRO-theory is the baseline for the soft part in the shape of the Human Element model which is utilized during the seminar.

The seminar days are started with the core principles of both methods and are the build on step by step. Evening sessions are included and different methods of learning are utilized, such as simulations, self assessments, lectures and discussions, for the best possible learning and leadership training.

Quick facts Radical Collaboration ™

Seminar length: Usually 3 days

You can also read more about Radical Collaboration ™ is supplied by several different training and consulting companies around the UK.

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