Through certified facilitation with help of SDI ®, förkortning av Strength Deployment Inventory, which is a questionnaire and an inventory, you and others can get help with discovering characteristics and potential in your way of relating to other people.

SDI ® - Strength Deployment Inventory – is a tool for leadership teams and other groups to use as enlightment and development where the compiled result is used to have reflective conversations with each other.

The background to SDI ® is the Relationship Awareness Theory (RAT) which was formulated by an american scientist, Elias Porter. The theory says that we are governed by certain inner needs that we seek to satisfy. Sometimes these needs can be met in a simple way through an active act that does not involve or bother another human being and in those occasions usually no problems arise. Most of these needs though, can only be met in relationship with others, which can result in a conflict with an individual conflict sequence and that in turn might lead to the need for conflict management based on different causes for conflict.

The theory discusses with what degree of awareness we act in these relationships. Through becoming more aware about how we function together with other, we understand also what needs we are seeking to fulfill and in what way. One way of changing our behaviour is to show more opensess and actively give and receive feedback so that we more effectively get that which we wish out of our relationships.

SDI ® & Motivational Value Systems (MVS)

You will amongst other things come into contact with an SDI-triangle that show that according to this theory there are seven identifiable so called motivational value systems. To ease the reading of this text we will on the forthcoming pages use the abbreviation MVS that stands for Motivational Value System.

Our motivational value system is a compilation for the motivating values that function as a foundation for our way of judging ourselves and other, to be able to choose a behaviour that strengthens our self esteem and guides our attention to certain things and ignores others. The motivational value system works as an inner filter through which life is being interpreted and understood. It can also help us understand how we act in conflict.

Quick facts about SDI ®

SDI ®, Strength Deployment Inventory, is a tool that can be used for leadership training, and that is being coordinated by Personal Strengths Publishing.

We look forward to helping you find your leadership training through these pages!

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