Through THE, The Human Element, you gain an understanding for how your behaviours, your emotions and your self image affects your possibilites for good work performances. The Human Element also increases your insight into how you affect other people in your surroundings and how you are affected by others.

Further goals of The Human Element are increased self awareness and understanding of what is blocking you, which enables you to increase your ability to act and become more effective.

The goal with The Human Element is also that you increase your knowledge about yourself and increase your self esteem.

The model in The Human Element

The model offers a holistic perspective on the growth of individuals and groups. How well a human functions in an organisation is decisive for how well that same organisation will function. The Human Element is based in the viewpoint that organisations and workgroups consist of seperate indivuals. The ability of the individual and the group to take responsability, be creative, communicate, work together and so on is central for the efficiency and level of achievement in an organisation. The model is a good part in a well balanced leadership development.

A shift in focus

In spite of this there is often a tendency that focus turns to things such as formal structures in the organisation and technical systems. Instead the core thought here is at the most important task of leadership is to make sure both individuals and worksgroups function well. A term that is used is The Human Element organisation. An organisation where people in an organisation work well! An organisation where people have a feeling of being valuable, compentent and likeable.

According to Will Schutz who is the father of this model The Human Element gives you the tools for increasing the awareness about yourself for the sake of knowing who you are and what you want. The bottom line idea is that the more of yourself that you utilize fully and do that which you wish to do, the more productive and effective you become. More about this can also be found in his book with the undertitle Productivity, Self-Esteem, and the Bottom Line.

Quick facts The Human Element

The training is 5-6 days in length. The Human Element is offered by several suppliers around the UK such as Noggin.

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