Maybe you have seen the letters NLP in different contexts associated with personal growth and wondered what they really mean. Maybe you already know that NLP is an abbreviation of Neuro Linguistic Programming. So what does that mean?

Neuro is in regards to your nervous system, it is that which according to NLP you can work on programming in such a way as to achieve more of the results you wish for in life. Linguistic means that it is a language that is being used in the above programming, which in turn connects to the word programming.

The training model NLP

NLP is a model by which we can practice improving our language both verbally and non-verbally as well as to support us in changing a pattern of habit och a habitual reaction. The knowledge about how the brain and our nervous system is affected by that language makes it possible to increase the quality of your relationships with other people and to become more effective in both relationships at work and in your private life.

Sometimes we can perceive some people as having more talent than others. Through Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is one of the fastest growing branches of applied psychology, we are offered a description for these people are doing differently. A recipe so to speak. This makes it possible for the rest of us to learn the patterns of success that these people are using.

NLP explained formally

A bit more formally one can express it in a way that NLP is a method to clarify and morph patterns of thought and behaviour in people both on a conscious and unconscious plane. Further that it is the science and art regarding how people create a structure in their inner work both through inner and outer experiences.

You could also say that it is about studying and applying that which works to be able to in a systematical way, and with high precision, change human behaviours. This is also mentioned in the Core Principles of NLP. Parallel to this systematical and a high precision way should also be able to be taught in such a way that it is easy to use in everyday life. This one can also find when studying the Background of NLP.

Trainings in NLP

There are different trainings to choose from but the two most common are NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner where the latter builds on the former. The former is usually done on the three different occasions five days each in length and with home assignments in between with five day occasions seperated by a month of time. The latter training is usually divided into two seperate weeks with home assignments in between.

Trainings in NLP and that can help your leadership development are arranged by several different suppliers around the UK.

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