A psychology with a soul is what psychosynthesis is usually called. This way of mapping our inner world was first and foremost formulated by the italian named Roberto Assagioli, also known as the father of psychosynthesis.

Psychosynthesis views man as a whole. A whole consisting of a body, emotions and thoughts and something more on top of that. According to the model called The Egg that is used as a map for our inner being each person, each organism, each organization and each system has a past, a present and a future potential. Psychosynthesis has as mentioned above been called a psychology with a soul, probably because it also invites to a spiritual perspective on the universe of psychology that is not religously associated.

Bifocal perspective in psychosynthesis

One of the hallmarks of this bransch of psychology is also its bifocal perspective, meaning when the answer to the question ”can you hold both?” becomes ”yes”. For example we can view an acorn that has fallen to the ground out of two perspectives, either we see something that has been blown down from a tree or we see something that is lying on the ground to start a new oak. We can transfer this way of viewing things also to those crises that we every now and then face in life. Either we see them as something painful or hard that has blown us down from the oak of life or as a message of that something new wishes to be born in our life. Or, we can with a bifocal vision hold both these perspectives of our crises.

If we get stuck in one perspective only we become in the former case mud rollers that love (well, shows a bit affection towards) to wollow in our misory and pain, digging ourselves ever so deep into our wounds and rough experiences until we are buried to the neck in the manour, not knowing how we got there or why we should dig our way out.

If we choose the latter perspective only we become one of those that ”floats above”, sees opportunities and uncureable (maybe we should say sickly) positivism in every corner of our personality, at the same time as we have hired the most effective security guards available to not have to deal with the dark and sometimes hard part of our personality. To read more about the model called The Egg, as mentioned above a central model in psychosynthesis, can also help to clarify this. The model also includes subpersonalities which are an important part of the whole picture here.

Quick facts on psychosynthesis

It gives you the opportunity to grow as a leader through leadership development and as a person through increased self insight. Psychosynthesis gives practical tools to create a more powerful and more balanced life through personal growth.

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