To function well as a leader a situational leadership is of great importance. People are different and so are groups. This means that you need to be able to adapt your style of leadership according to the situation, in other words what we call situational leadership.

Apart from a situational leadership you need to find something to believe in to work well in your role as a leader. It is when we can not see that the need for leadership is the greatest. It is when we can not see the end of the war, the end of a conflict that we need a real leader. When we can not see the change that needs to happen in our life. That is when the need for leadership is at its peak.

Leadership is about doing

To lead is a lot about doing. One could view things in a way that it is with your co-workers as it is with children. People do as you do, not as you say. It is also our belief that how you do something is how you do everything. The small is reflected in the large and the large is reflected in the small.

Leadership is also about influence. To lead other people is about influencing, which in turn can look different in different circumstances, with different needs, again requiring a situational leadership. The model for this Situational Leadership ® is often connected to the Americans named Blanchard & Hershey.

About the training in Situational Leadership ®

This leadership training is aimed at giving the participants the opportunity to practice recognizing the different needs in their co-workers and from this being able to able the style of leadership in relation to the different demands in the situation.

Trainings in Situational Leadership ® are offered by several different training companies in the UK.

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