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Within psychosynthesis there is a core perspective that says that each individual and each organism has a history, a present and a future potential. This perspective will help us understand the model within psychosynthesis that is called The Egg since it has the shape of a standing egg.

The lower part of the Psychosynthesis-egg

In the lower part to The Egg, which is here called the lower unconscious, our personal psychological past resides in the form of supressed complexes and since long forgotten (as it seems at least) memories. If this part of our personality remains unchartered it can steal life energy and drive our life in directions that our conscious mind does not wish. This is one of the thesis in psychosynthesis. If we allow ourselves to explore this part of ourselves with a loving, strong and balanced vision it can be a virtual gold mine to dig energy, creativity and wisdom out of.

The middle unconscious

The middle unconscious consists of those states of mind and skills that we be choice easily can access even though we do not always carre them in our middle conscious part of our psychee, also know as the field of consciousness. I that field we hold all that which in any given moment can feel, think, sense and so forth. In the centre of the field of consciousness resides the I, a central part of the inner map in psychosynthesis that help us understand our inner psychology and can be a great ally in our leadership development. You can now read more about the egg if you wish.

The higher unconscious

In the upper part of The Egg resides the higher unconscious, our future potential. This is a perspective that tends to set psychosynthesis apart from many other other branches of psychology. Roberto Assagioli, an italian man called The father of psychosynthesis, describes this part as from where ”we get our higher inspiration and intuition – artistic, philosophical or scientific, ethical imperatives and calls for humanitarian and heroic acts”.

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