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What is personal development? First and foremost as the word says it is personal, meaning it will look different for different people. This means you need to such a personal development that is suitable for you and your life goals.

Out of this we can easily assume that presumption for developing as a person, and also for leadership development, is that you figure out what you want in life and what your goals are. Such trainings, courses and other things exist that support you in that endeveour, which in itself is a form of personal development.

To develop through personal development

Apart from the word personal we also have the word development. To develop something means to make it clearer, so that it shows more of itself without necessarily it becoming bigger in volume, but the contact surface against the world has increased and thereby the possibilites have seemingly become greater.

Personal development can take on many forms, it can be reading a book, listening to a CD or watching a movie. On the theme of books there was a wise person who said that it is not many times you have gone through a book, but rather how many times the book has gone through you. We can read and read until our eyes drop out without learning very much unless we let what we read become a part of ourselves and our life.

Transfering personal development to everyday life

Another teacher in this field said that he was tired of hearing from people who said ”I know that already, I have heard it before” whenever he was trying to teach them something. How do you know if you already know something when it comes to personal development? If you use it everyday in your life as a part of you and of your everyday life then you know it. Otherwise you have just heard it.

So you can attain a lot of useful thing through trainings such as the ones you find on this site in for example The Human Element, SDI ®, Radical Collaboration and Psychosynthesis. They can give you an invaluable support on the way, as well as knowledge and insights. In the end though what conuts is how well you put what you learn into practice in everyday life. Otherwith we can not truly speak of personal development.

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