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Around our center, our I, subpersonalities are orbiting like planets around a sun. These parts of our personality in psychosynthesis terms reside in the model called the egg. They have been shaped during the time since our birth and carries within them qualities that have helped, and are continously helping, us in our lives.

Maybe there is a clown who entertains the world and ourselves, an achiever filled with industry and doing, a martyr that viewes him or herself as a victim of the whims of the world, a judge that hates imperfection, a playful child that really enjoys sucking the marrow out of life, an artist filled with impulses and creativity without the least of abilities to create logic structures.

Yes, the list could be made even longer and it looks different for each one of us.

To become hi-jacked by your subpersonalities

It is of greatest importance to understand that I have subpersonalities (and that I am more than my subpersonalities) instead of them having me. Otherwise I get easily hi-lacked by for example my achiever and run through life as an over-achieving freak heading for a burn-out in the belief that all that matters in life is the length of my CV and the size of my bank account.

The director kan direct the subpersonalities in psychosynthesis

From the central position that the I has in our personality we have the capability of directing our subpersonalities to be useful servants that apart from being wonderful individuals also are well functioning team players. To create a team like that inside ourselves though, presupposes some things that are similar to those that are needed to create a well functioning team at for example a work place.

For example it requires an understanding for the others in the team, which in turn demands that I take the time to get to know the others in the team. Also it requires a good amount of trust and non-judgemental attitude so that the members of the team dare to open up and invite us to therir inner qualities.

The inner team within psychosynthesis

To understand the inner map of psychosynthesis you can also read more about The Egg, a model within psychosynthesis. Translated to our inner world, we can say that to be able to create a team of well functioning subpersonalities in my inner world I need to for starters take the time to discover that these parts of me exist in my inner being, further to take the time to get to known in an allowing environment. Then I can from the center position of the I use my will to create a more free life through the tools of psychosynthesis in my leadership training.

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