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Below is the continuation of the text about the egg which is one of the central models and illustrations within psychosynthesis.

The difference between the higher and the lower in psychosynthesis

The difference within psychosynthesis when it comes to the higher and lower unconscious is not about better or worse, but about the degree of development. The lower is more primitive and the higher holds the potential we have the ability to achieve during our living years. Again the bifocal vision in psychosynthesis is important to remember as we need to hold both for a good growth, meaning it is by freeing the incredible energy harnessed in the lower unconscious that we really make us of our potential in our higher part.

The Self in psychosynthesis

Way up at the top of the psychosynthesis-egg we found another interesting character, namely the Self. According to this way of viewing humans we are already before our physical birth a ”perfect” self, armed with two qualities; love and will. This is then the direction we consciously or unconsciously strive in during our lives. Some might call it the meaning of my life or then one I really truly and deeply am or wish to be. If we let this self take the form of a little fellow, we can perceive as that this little fellow every now and thenb drops small messages about the direction of our lives into our lap. Sometimes we listen, sometimes we do not.

Our inner guide

We can view the fellow as our inner guide, our sherpa leading us across the inner country of humanity. It can feel like this inner guide sometimes is quite far from our everyday striving and challenges so this fellow has acquired a modem connection straight down to the I in the middle of our personality. In the model of the egg this connection is symbolised by a dotted line. The I is then surrounded by the different subpersonalities.

Sometimes we are so busy with what we are doing that the line is busy when the self is calling. These are times in life when it can be a good thing to have a ”call waiting” function installed and take some (or lots of) time to find ones center again. This could be through for example meditation, a quiet mountain hike or a training in psychosynthesis so that we can listen again and find the correct direction again in our leadership development.

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