Today as I was sitting doing some programming of code for our website (a shiny new statistics function that will enable us to offer better service) I was hit by an insight.

It was something that I have heard several times as a timeless wisdom from the many trainings in personal development and success that I have attended but did not think about when I needed it.


I will spare you the technical mumbo-jumbo of the programming itself but pretty much I had a very frustrating time yesterday because I could not get the code for the new function to behave they way I wanted it.

Today, when I started working on it again, I realized I made a critical mistake yesterday. I did not start with the end in mind. Once I did that and created a clear vision of what I wanted, then it was easy to work backwards from there and write the code so it created that result.

I think it is often in our leadership and in our lives that we forget this simple wisdom about starting with the end in mind. It could making clear how you want to feel after that meeting, what you want the result of your workout to be or what marks you want to hit in this year's budget.

Whatever it is find, if you find yourself in a state of frustration and feeling stuck, see if you can take a step back or up and take some time to really make the outcome you want perfectly clear and then work backwards from there.

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